Final Post and Note to Assessment Team

I have now completed packing up my course material, and will be submitting for formal assessment in July.

Reviewing completed material is a useful exercise.  It allows consideration of the growth of knowledge, opportunities to remember things to try again and a reflection of the effort expended.

I am submitting all material as directed by my tutor, Neil.  He did suggest rather than try to send the end products of molding and casting that high resolution photos would be sufficient.  I have done so, and added the actual work when it was small and flat enough to attach.

Most material is held within workbooks- each is labeled with the course section and pertinent exercises for ease of review.  The second box of the two has some dimensional pieces that I wanted to add rather than photograph.

The contents list for these boxes is as follows:

Box 1 contains sketch or workbooks for the course material, and pertinent other work.  Each part of the course has a book or multiple books.  All are prominently labelled on the front with the course section, whether there is more than one book to the course section and the course material (as listed in the study package) within that particular workbook.  There is also a separate “Ancillary Work” sketchbook with other sketches and samples done alongside the course work.

Box 2 contains a selection of three dimensional pieces I wished to include.

They include the following:

  • further work with molded paper clay leaves for Part 3 (to be reviewed with the workbook for that course section)
  • a box containing three shaped trial pieces for Part 5
  • Part 5 final example- please note that this piece does have battery powered LED lights.  The batteries have been encased in sealed plastic bags to protect them during transit.

I have also submitted a digital photograph sketchbook which I have collected over the year- this is now located in the Google drive assigned to me by the Open College of the Arts.  This will be made available to the assessment team at the time of assessment.

I look forward to reviewing the team’s feedback, and working on my next course.

My next course is Textiles 2- Contemporary Practice.  The learning blog address for this next course is:


Thank you for your interest in my learning.

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